For New Employees

Berkeley Lab welcomes you!

Engage in the following steps over your first 6-8 months:

The Berkeley Lab Onboarding Program is designed to provide you with tools and resources necessary to acclimate you to the Lab and guide you to information applicable to your new role. This program provides all new staff with consistent information that reflects Berkeley Lab as a whole organization and will help you to quickly feel like a productive member of the Lab community.

Please work with your supervisor or HR Division Partner should you have any questions about the Onboarding program.

Compliance & Required Trainings

Depending on your position at LBNL, you may be required to complete specific trainings.  

For required LBNL training, check your listed requirements in your Berkeley Lab Training account by clicking on “Training Profiles” > “My Profile”.  To complete any trainings mandated by UC specifically, please check your email to learn about your requirements.

From competency skill-building to onboarding to leadership development, our vast array of e-courses and instructor-led learning experiences are designed to help you acquire new skills and expand on your existing capabilities. These resources are also tailored to Berkeley Lab's Stewardship Values and competency framework.

Accelerate your integration into the Lab by taking some of our curated courses that are aligned with the Lab's Stewardship Values & Core Competencies.