Our Approach

At Learning & Culture, we implement interventions that shift how people grow their careers, build their teams, & lead each other so that our behaviors are aligned with Berkeley Lab's stewardship values at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Management & Behavioral Science

Drawing on extensive research and validated insights from behavioral and management science, L&C's programs are designed to impart learning and knowledge that are applicable to your day-to-day work, regardless of your role or function at Berkeley Lab.

Experiential & Action Learning

Research repeatedly demonstrates that when people are co-creators of their learning experiences versus passive consumers of information, they retain and implement new behaviors and solutions to complex challenges. Therefore, L&C prioritizes action-centered and experiential learning techniques in our e-courses and instructor-led programs. 

Peer Connections & Mentorship

Peer-to-peer connection and social proof (i.e., the psychological tendency to copy behaviors modeled by our peers) facilitate deeper learning and foster accountability around behavior change and goal attainment. Therefore, we prioritize creating learning spaces that provide safety, connection, and mentorship opportunities for all participants.

LBNL Core Competencies & Technical Acumen

Enables employees/managers to practice & operationalize Berkeley Lab's stewardship values

What are competencies?

Competencies are identified knowledge, skills, and abilities that describe employee traits which directly and positively impact the success of the employee and the organization. Competencies can be objectively measured, enhanced, and improved through coaching and learning opportunities.

How can I use this competency model?

As a manager or leader, you can integrate these competencies into any development/coaching, performance review, and goal-setting conversation with your teams. You can also integrate these competencies into your division's strategic initiatives, particularly those focused on employee development. In planning for retreats or seeking training opportunities for your teams, you can use this model to shape the objectives or to inform your decision for securing training opportunities that are aligned with these competencies.

As an individual contributor, you can use the model to create a focused development plan based on competencies you wish to develop further. You can integrate these into your self-evaluation and seek learning & development opportunities that target these competencies so that you can align yourself with LBNL's stewardship behaviors.