Flexible Work Arrangements

Business Need Template & Communication Guide

For Supervisors

Introduction & Demo 

of the Tool

This demo walks you through how to use the FWA Business Needs and Communication Guide to help you determine the most-suitable work arrangement for roles based on customizable business need considerations and to prepare for initiating a conversation with your employees about the transition to the proposed work arrangement. 

Get Started


Step 1 | Review FWA Toolkit

Before using this guide to determine an employee's or your team's work modality, please review the FWA Toolkit & Process Guide for full context about the Lab's new FWA guidelines and best practices. 

Ensure that your employees also review this toolkit for their own understanding. 

FWA Business Need Rubric

Step 2 | Determine Business Need for Work Mode Arrangement

Make a copy of the FWA Business Need Considerations Template and fill it out for each employee or for your entire team, if you're determining the work mode for your whole team at once. 

This is an optional tool if you'd like support with navigating a FWA decision. You can customize the fields in this template to reflect the business needs of your area or division. 

(Note: Making a copy will automatically download the template to your My Drive in Google.)

Step 3 | Prepare for Work Arrangement Conversation

Based on the scores from the Business Need Considerations Template in Step 2, complete the relevant conversation guide below to determine your expectations and do a more thorough business/employee needs assessment. 

Answering these questions does not guarantee the eligibility for a flexible work mode nor does it mean that a flexible work mode will be granted to an employee.

These guides are also linked on the Business Need Template for easy access. 

1. FT on a Lab Site

2. Hybrid Work

3. FT Telework 

4. FT Remote

Step 4 | Discuss Work Arrangement

After you've reflected on the questions in the Conversation Guide from Step 3, you can use the guide to discuss your determinations and expectations WITH your employee or team and to ask them any outstanding questions from the guide (especially the ones about what they need to be successful in the new work mode) and any other questions that you'd like to create agreement around. 

If you'd like support with navigating challenging conversations with employees, please visit our Supervisor & Leader Learning Resources page, "Leading in a Hybrid Organization" section for learning material. You can also contact your HR Division Partner for additional support.